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Parramatta - Letters to Grandparents

Today the children with Miss Jen, Miss Atasi and Miss Raj posted their letters to their grandparents.

In the morning Miss Jen encouraged the children to put their art crafts into the envelope and pasted their address and the post stamp on the top of the envelope. The children were allowed to use their fine motor skills to follow the instructions from Miss Jen.

After group time, It’s ready to go. The children put on their excursion uniforms and hats with the educator to walk from the centre to the local post office.

During their walk, the children were very curious with their surroundings. The educators found this a perfect opportunity to include road safety by asking a child to press the button and asking the children about the green and red light and what it represented.

When we arrived at the post office, the shopkeeper showed welcomed our children and gave everyone postcards.

It’s time to put their letters into the big red mailbox. They have two mailboxes, Miss Atasi asked about the colours of the mailbox for the children. Miss Jen encouraged the children to send the letters to the mailbox.


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