Our Curriculum

Little Bees Childcare offers your child an innovative play-based curriculum that is guided by the Australian Early Years Learning Framework, informed by internationally recognised best practice and current research and underpinned by the importance of nurturing strong relationships.

Integral components include:

  • Numeracy and literacy.

  • Communication.

  • Visual and performing arts.

  • Science and technology.

  • Understanding society.

  • Principles of social justice and equity.

  • Inclusion.

Other areas explored include:

  • Diversity of families.

  • Diversity of ability.

  • The importance of nutrition and physical activity and fitness.

  • The concept of wellbeing and belonging.

Every Family is Important

Early development and learning takes place through relationships and particularly within families. We believe it is important to share the responsibility of educating children with our families and we seek their insights about their child's characteristics, wellbeing and learning experiences throughout the year.

Photographic and written documentation of children at play, at work on a project or experience and during routines helps to keep families informed. It also enables children and staff to reflect on, compare and discuss how their thinking is developing.

Little Bees Childcare works in partnerships with leading services to deliver high quality program and care

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Our goal is to provide excellent education services to our families. Our team of staff members commits to continous training and professional development to ensure the highest quality of our teaching standards.


We aim to create a friendly learning environment where every children are focused on their individual interest. We stimulate their learning and help them develop their skills. Children are the future of our world