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Acknowledgement of Country

Each morning, the children gather to do the acknowledgement of Country as a way to show and pay our respects to the Traditional Owners. As part of the acknowledgement of Country, the Beach (0-2 years room) sings the song Inanay whilst holding onto the hulahoop with bells as they each take turns in passing the hula hoop around the circle of peers. On this particular occasion, a child brought in a special book written by an Aboriginal author Breanna Humes who is the child's aunty.

Miss Heesoo read the book ‘I Want to Be a Superhero’ by Breanna Humes. This bright story by Aboriginal author was written when she was just eight years old while dreaming about becoming a flying superhero.

The children developed language skills while engaging in the interactive storytelling time. The children also explored vibrant colours and patterns of the illustration.


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