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Healthy Cooking Experiences March 2024

As we continue to foster children’s healthy eating habits, we invite children to participate in a range of weekly cooking experiences. Cooking experiences allows the children to foster and support their growing interests in food, develop on their concept of healthy eating and develop turn taking skills.

The children from the Beach room (0-2 years room) are making Mango Lassi which is a traditional Indian drink. The children helped put the mango into the bowl then everyone had a go at scooping in the yogurt, after adding all the ingredients the children watched as Miss vaishnave blend it together in the blender and gave everyone some Mango Lassi to drink. It was a great hit, as all of the children loved it and drank their serving of the Mango Lassi.

The children from the Farm room (2-3 years room) made cinnamon apple slices with puff pastry, apples, cinnamon and brown sugar. Children watched Miss Philrose thread the pastry through the apples slices. The children then took turns in dunking and dipping the apple pieces into the cinnamon sugar mixture and then placed it along the baking tray. They ate these cinnamon apple slices for afternoon tea.


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