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Parramatta - Woolworths/Battery Drop off excursion

This morning, the children went to Woolworths to donate recycling batteries and also buy some apples and bananas for crunch and sip with Miss Jenny, Miss Ka Man and Miss Shruti.

Before we go, the children got a shopping list which was drew an apple and a banana for them to know what we were going to do.

On the way, the children helped to press the lift button and helped to press the traffic light button.

The children were excited but they still took turn to put the batteries in the box in front of the Woolworths which is for collecting the used batteries.

The children helped to find the apple and bananas and put them in the clear bags. The children waited patiently when Miss Shruti and Miss Jenny were paying the fruits.

We took a group photos before we back to the centre.

The children learned how to take care the environment by recycling the batteries and also their health by buying healthy foods.


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