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Parramatta - White Henry Cafe

Today for our excursion, a few Jungle Room children went on an excursion to White Henry’s for a baby chino! This morning we spoke about what we might see at the. Cafe. Myra shouted toys . Ryan said lollies with enthusiasm. As the time got slower, Miss Bella got their hats and yellow t shirts on. Tahlia asked why wear wear the shirts. Miss Bella explained that we wear shirts so that other people can see that you are from Little Bees. We placed our sunscreen on and went down. As we found our seat, we looked at White Henry’s and discussed what things they sold. Ryan shouted out cookies and coffee. Myra said cakes. Miss Bella asked where the coffee was and he pointed to the big coffee machine. When the babychino arrived, children said thank you and tarted to drink. At first sip, the children said they tasted chocolates. They opened their cups and saw chocolate dusted. Children shoulder with glee as they drank their baby chino. After drinking, Myra asked for the bin, and the children were looking around for it, as they spotted it Miss Bella brought it closer and they chucked it away. Miss Bella asked why it’s important to chuck our rubbish away and the children explained it was to keep the cafe clean. Jungle got ready to walk back up to the room after saying bye to the white Henry Cafe staff! When we got to to the elevator, Myra saw the numbers descending down to the elevator and her and Audrey were counting the numbers out loud


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