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Parramatta - Kindifarm Visits Little Bees Childcare

The KindiFarm experience was an exciting way to learn about, investigate and explore Farm animals. As the children ventured into the Arctic Room, their faces brightened as they saw the various farm animals, including, a piglet, chicks, rabbits, and guinea pigs. The farmer introduced the children to all the animals that she brought along with her, and asked the children if they could tell her what the baby version of each animals was called.

The Farmer then guided the children to feed the animals, explaining that they would need to create a bowl like shape with their hands, and the would feel a tickle as the animals ate the food. The sound of laughter, and joy filled the air as the children ran to collect the food with enthusiasm and proceeded the feed the animals. A hands on experience followed along as the farmer and the educators brought several of the smaller animals including the guinea pigs, rabbits and piglet, for each child to pat and hold.

The Kindifarm experience was enjoyed by all the children involoved on the day.

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