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Parramatta Fire Visit

What a great experience our Little Bees students had today with a visit from our local Firefighters. They discussed the importance of fire safety with the kids, what to do in an emergency and they even showed us their fire truck, uniforms...

This experience not only helped the children to develop a better understanding of fire safety, it also helped to reinforce our efforts to achieve Outcome 2 from the Early Years Learning Framework with the children which states children should be connected with and contribute to their world.

The importance of educating and protecting children from the dangers and trauma that can be caused by fire, especially fires in and around the home, is widely recognised. Accordingly, Fire & Rescue NSW's firefighters have been visiting local preschools and teaching fire safety to children through the Pre ED program for many years.

Home Activity - Get Down Low and Go, Go, Go

Inform the children that fire gives off smoke

  • Ask your child if they know what smoke alarms are. Show them where they are situated in your house and discuss where they might be found in at pre school or other places.

If you can, sound your smoke alarm

  • Ask your child what they would do if they heard a smoke alarm at home or at school.

  • Explain to the child that the safest place for them to be when a room is smoky is under the smoke level.

  • To get under the smoke level they will need to Get Down Low and Go, Go, Go.

Demonstrate to your child how to crawl on all fours

  • Get your child to demonstrate crawling on all fours and saying to themselves, Get Down Low and Go, Go, Go.

  • Use a large piece of red fabric as an imaginary smoke level. Direct your child to crawl underneath it.

  • Combine all the previous points by getting your child to hear the smoke alarm, crawl to the door and then follow the escape plan.

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