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Parramatta - Parramatta Police Visit

We were lucky to have 2 police officers from Parramatta Police Station come out and have a short discussion with the children about safety. Officer Kelly & Officer Mady spoke to the children about community safety and the concept of stranger danger and what we can do in an emergency situation.

Community Safety

- explaining to the children how to walk safely across the road by holding an adults hand and waiting at the crossing walks and traffic lights

- explanation on how to be safe when out at the shopping centre by walking and holding onto their hands hand or pram

Stranger Danger

- explanation t the children about when they are walking to the shops, [playing at the park or walking to school, they should not talk to strangers (people they don't know) and that if a stranger approaches them they can yell out phrases/words such as; STOP, GO AWAY, LEAVE ME ALONE and then notify an adult they know or their mummy or daddy

The children also learned to call the number 000 when there is an emergency and they need help from the police officers

A sense of community plays a paramount role in supporting children to develop feelings of belonging and security. Additionally, as children grow and develop, authentic relationships with the outer world help them to find their place, and lead them to understand shared values and how society works.

Identifying local community members is an essential step towards achieving a shared purpose through connecting and collaboration. To encourage children to interact within their local community, Educators must lead by example to establish quality links and meaningful opportunities.


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