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Parramatta - NAIDOC WEEK

Celebrating NAIDOC week, the children participated in a variety of learning experiences to celebrate and learn about the Aboriginal and Indigenous Australian Culture.

The learning experiences includes;

Dreamtime Sory - Echidna and the Shade Tree

As part of NAIDOC Week we explored the Dreamtime Story called, 'Echidna and The Shade Tree'. The Children showed great listening and responded to the different tones of Miss Chrissy voices changes during the reading e.g excitement, sad, angry and happy.

After we finished the Dreamtime Story we extended on this further with Story Sequence Cards as part of our discussion about what had happened to the Echidna and The Shade Tree. Miss Chrissy went through the Sequence Cards, while using the book as a reference, for the Children to recall the information gathered and we matched the Sequence Card to the pages of the book.

Inanay & Taba Naba

We are celebrating NAIDOC week this week. We started our day with ‘ inanay’ and ‘taba naba ‘ songs that we can show our respect to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are owner of the land.

We did Acknowledgement of the country singing ‘ one little finger ‘ song.

After that Miss Atasi show Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags. Mahin, Naomi and Raiden recognised the colours.

We read ‘the rainbow serpent ‘ dream time story book. Children were developing language skill and increased vocabulary by reading the story.

Finger Trace

Exploring NAIDOC Finger Trace Activity. The Children were encouraged to follow the different patterns from start to finish. Using beads they followed the start point carefully placing each bead down ensuring not to bump the previous bead off the track. The Children showed great concentration, are exploring patterns and symbols.

Dot Painting

A cut out hand print was given to the children to engage in a dot painting experience as we celebrate NAIDOC Week.

Yellow, black, white and red paints and q-tips were prepared for the children to use.

Some of the children used two hands holding the a-tips to dipped on the chosen paint/s they would like to use whilst the others used one hand, others used their hands as well.

This art and craft will be added on our NAIDOC Wall.

NAIDOC Small World Play

We gathered natural resources to build the Australian Outback to extend on exploring Native Australian Animals during our Yarning Circle. We used blue crepe paper for our billabong, grass for our bush lands and other natural objects found in the outback such as sticks, logs, rocks, pine cones, brown sand for dirt and leaves. We are exploring our imaginations as we used knowledge gained for the Yarning Circle Native Australian Animal Flashcards by implementing it into our play.

Miss Isabella used the Aboriginal toy People to explained how they use tools to hunted and gathered resources from the bush.

We also listened to some music during our Small World Play such as ‘Taba Naba’ and ‘Inanay Capuana’ which is Aboriginal nursery rhymes.

Miss Isabella used tapping sticks and Amelia.G used sticks to tap along to the music building a sense of rhythm. We also listened to some Traditional Didgeridoo sounds.


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