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Parramatta - Firefighter Visit

Today we had the Parramatta Fire Brigade visit us to have a discussion about Fire Safety. We learnt about Safe Fire vs Dangerous Fire ( e.g Safe Fire -Candles on Birthday Cake / Cooking Fire vs Dangerous Fire - Playing with Matches or Lighters / Playing with the Fire Place).

We learnt about the Fire Alarm and what we do if we are sleeping and hear the alarm 'We Wake up, Stay low, and Go Go Go!' We saw the Firefighter Michelle demonstrate how to put on the Emergency Protection Gear and Firefighter Michelle crawled around the Children to show Firefighters are hear to save us and help the Children feel comfortable as she gave everyone a high-five.

The Firefighters asked, "What do we do if our clothes catch fire?" We learnt 'Stop! Drop! Roll!' technique to put out the Fire.

The Children demonstrated their knowledge of the Emergency Number we call "000".

The Children displayed active listening skills and enthusiasm towards the conversation.


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