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Parramatta Extra Curricula Activities at Little Bees

We have 3 extra curricula activities offered at Little Bees

Bright Stars Dancing every Wednesday - Bright Stars Dance is an exciting dance program for kids aged 0-5. The learning syllabus has been specifically created for young children and incorporates a broad range of activities that foster an appreciation for dance, music and imagination. At Bright Stars Dance we believe that interaction, creativity and confidence are the foundations for a great learning environment. Our lessons incorporate props, musical instruments and lots of fun ‘imagination games’ that will transport your child to magical faraway lands, underwater adventures and more!

JNA Soccer every Wednesday - JNA Sports is a multi-sport program that promotes healthy living and encourages social interaction, through sport in a low pressure environment, while tackling some of Australia's biggest issues such as, obesity and technology screen time.

Chinese Speaking Lessons every Thursday - Implemented by Miss Yumi for the 0-3 years age group and Miss Joey for the 3-5 years age group. Children learn nursery rhymes and sing songs in the Chinese language (Mandarin) and also learn t

o speak key words and phrases.


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