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Parramatta - Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tours - Woolworths

Woolworths discovery tour 1 & 2

Today a small group of children were given the opportunity to participate in the Woolworths Discovery Tour at our local Woolworths. The children walked to Parramatta Woolworths and once we arrived, we were introduced to Mr Chris the Woolworths manager and Miss Cheryl. They both showed the children around the back area where all food produce is stored accordingly to the correct temperature. The children also identified different fruits and vegetables shown and also tried some fruits that were known to them. The children loved this part of the tour. To end the tour, the children walked around the aisles in Woolworths and looked at all the different goods they sell from different ethnicity.

Participating in excursions to the local community allows children to develop relationships with those surrounding their community.

Learning about healthy and unhealthy eating will help facilitate the children’s appetite to be active healthy eaters as our bodies need a variety of nutrients.

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