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Parramatta - Sustainable practices

On 25th of January, the plants we purchased from Bonnyrigg Garden Centre arrived. The children were very excited to see a new range of plants on its arrival and were keen to help Miss Dayha set up the Arctic room outdoor area with the new plants.

As part of the services sustainability practices, the Arctic room have created a "buddy system" which also plays a part in the school transition program. This involves the children in the Arctic room demonstrating to the younger children across the Beach, Farm and Jungle room where they visit once a week to participate in outdoor gardening. The children in the Arctic room use their knowledge to teach the younger children and guide them in learning to look and care for our environment.

We also have re-purchased new worms and a worm farm bin where the children are learning to place food scraps for the worm to eat in order to make worm tea in which the children use to water the garden. We also have the worm tea available for our families to take home to water their garden. The worm tea is available outside Arctic room's entrance door in the crate.

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