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Parramatta Police Visit

The children had a very special visit from a Police Officer who came to the service to talk to the children about police officers and being safe. The police officer described to the children how they can identity Police Officer's by their special blue uniform and some children were given the opportunity to dress up in the police uniform and pretend to be a police officer. The police officer also introduced a mascot penguin known as Constable Charlie who helps keep the children safe. The police officer also discussed with the children which number they can ring when there is an emergency and most of the children were able to identify the number as '000', he also explained to the children that there are 3 phrases that children can say when someone approaches them that they don't know. The children learn about the following phrases;

- '"No!"

- "Go Away!"

- "Stop!"

The children also learn about people in the local community who are adults that are safe and the children were able to identify (doctors, teachers, police, firefighter, nurse) according to the poster the children were presented with. (outcome 1.2, 1.4, 2.1, 3.1, 5.1)

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