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Our Curriculum

Little Bees Childcare offers your child an innovative play-based curriculum that is guided by the Australian Early Years Learning Framework, informed by internationally recognised best practice and current research and underpinned by the importance of nurturing strong relationships.

Integral components include:

  • Numeracy and literacy.

  • Communication.

  • Visual and performing arts.

  • Science and technology.

  • Understanding society.

  • Principles of social justice and equity.

  • Inclusion.

Other areas explored include:

  • Diversity of families.

  • Diversity of ability.

  • The importance of nutrition and physical activity and fitness.

  • The concept of wellbeing and belonging.

Every Family is Important

Early development and learning takes place through relationships and particularly within families. We believe it is important to share the responsibility of educating children with our families and we seek their insights about their child's characteristics, wellbeing and learning experiences throughout the year.

Photographic and written documentation of children at play, at work on a project or experience and during routines helps to keep families informed. It also enables children and staff to reflect on, compare and discuss how their thinking is developing.

Learning at Little Bees Burwood

We believe Early Childhood is a critical time for children to develop a positive self image of themselves as capable and confident lifelong learners. Our Service offers offers a privileged opportunity to ignite each child's curiosity, extend their unique interests and provide a valuable platform to help them build a lifelong love of learning. Our beautiful, purpose built centre was designed with Early Childhood learning experts and incorporates educational play areas, quiet zones and outdoor spaces to provoke curious minds.

Our Team and Program

We acknowledge that quality in Early Childhood Education is the foundation for future learning and ensures a positive start in life. At Little Bees Childcare- Burwood, our qualified, skilled, committed and passionate teachers and Educators love what they do.

We Nurture each child's curiosity, unique interests, creativity and learning styles, and provide personalised programs for each child stongly influenced by the Reggio Emilia philosophy. The Teachers and the Educators dedication, enthusiasm, and genuine passion for Early Childhood Education creates an environment where every child feels valued and respected. We provide a dynamic porogram that offers diverse and stimulating opportunites for each child to reach their full potential in an environment rich with play based, hands on experiences, creativity, sports, music and Languages. At Little Bees Childcare- Burwood children have the opportunity to drive their learning and Education, ask questions, investigate, hypothesise, challenge ideas and actively engage in new experiences to find answers. Through play children internalise concepts and learn a range of skills that sets them for a bright future.

The Little Bees Childcare- Burwood team focuses on open-ended, child- directed learning, creating memories through experiences that stimulate imagination, creativity, innovation,decision making and problem solving.

Little Bees Childcare works in partnerships with leading services to deliver high quality program and care

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Start Strong for Long Day Care 2023


Little Bees Childcare preschool program is a recipient of funding under the NSW Department of Education's 'Start Strong for Long Day Care 2023' program.

  • Fee relief of up to $2110 per child for 2023

  • the child must be 4 years old on or before 31st July 2023

  • Families are  required to fill the "Families Declaration Form" to receive the relief. 

  • (Available at the service)

  • Relief is calculated weekly based on the number of weeks the service is open.

  • Families that do not recieve CCS are eligible for the program



Our goal is to provide excellent education services to our families. Our team of staff members commits to continous training and professional development to ensure the highest quality of our teaching standards.


We aim to create a friendly learning environment where every children are focused on their individual interest. We stimulate their learning and help them develop their skills. Children are the future of our world

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